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July 7, 2016 by Timothy Frazier

Local Businessman Ken Pritchett Appointed to Campaign Advisory Committee

I’ve just added another talented and intelligent local business person to the Frazier campaign community.

Ken Pritchett, owner and president of Stripes Parking Lot Services in Denton, Texas has graciously accepted an appointment to the Timothy Frazier for Governor Campaign Advisory Committee.

Ken is a deep well of life experience and common sense.  He is one of those individuals who approaches issues and problems with an eye toward quality and efficiency improvement, and he loves to innovate rather than just get by with mediocre solutions.

To illustrate that quality, after a career of 20 years working in the electric utilities industry, Ken started his own business in the summer of 1998 with a used van (that was in need of a new windshield and tires) painting stripes in parking lots.

Ken constantly improved his services with his own innovative ideas and equipment designs, including ride-on attachments for his paint trucks and ground-breaking stencil designs.  Over the next few years Ken turned that beat up old van and initial meager painting tools into a thriving business that today has multiple employees and state of the art equipment and vehicles. Ken’s company is currently hiring more people to meet the rising demand for his services.

Ken has been in demand not only by his clients who want crisp, straight clean lines for parking spaces and special zone markings. He is frequently pursued by other professionals in the industry who want to learn from him.  He is a frequent guest speaker and seminar leader in the pavement striping industry’s conventions and events.

Inventor, entrepreneur, and down to earth Texas Libertarian, Ken Pritchett has a set of values and principles that rest upon his core belief that individual liberty is the kettle that enabled him to succeed in business and personal life.  He tossed ingredients like hard work and personal investment in his own education into that kettle and keep the fire hot, and ended up with a feast of success and the ability to be his own boss.  Without that kettle of individual liberty, his hard work and knowledge would just be so much uncontained debris scattered on the ground or blowing in the wind.

Ken knows that the more government you allow to drift into that kettle, the more it will poison the feast.

Ken earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from LeTourneau University in Tyler in 1996. He followed that with a master’s in public administration from UT-Tyler.

While he treasures the freedoms we still have in Texas, Ken also realizes that much liberty has been lost, and he has seen first hand how our tax and spend state and federal governments are continuing to make it more difficult for new businesses to succeed and establish businesses to stay in the black.  He wants other individuals to have even more success in doing what they love to do, whether that’s starting their own businesses or just keeping their own money to save or spend of their own volition rather than losing it to a government that takes it in the form of taxes under threat of force.

Ken Pritchett is the owner and president of Stripes Parking Lot Services in Denton, Texas serving the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth area as well as:

July 4, 2016 by Timothy Frazier

Campaign Treasurer Announcement

Campaign Treasurer - Frazier for Governor of Texas 2018
Campaign Treasurer – Frazier for Governor of Texas 2018

I’m thoroughly pleased to announce that Liz Scripter has accepted an appointment as Treasurer for the 2018 Timothy Frazier for Governor Campaign and a filing has been submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Liz has been active in the Libertarian party for years and currently serves as the Chair for the Libertarian Party of Tarrant County.  She holds a full voting member seat on the State Level Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of Texas.  Her efforts in promoting individual liberty have been instrumental in growing the ranks of the Libertarian Party in Tarrant County and across the state of Texas.

Additionally, her work ethic, philanthropy, and experience as a businesswoman and entrepreneur are impeccable.  She has creative and artistic talent, coupled with impressive computer data processing knowledge, SQL database administration experience, and database architecture/design skills.  This is a powerhouse combination of creativity and logic that is rare to find in one individual.

Liz is also playing a very critical role in the Mark Miller for Texas Railroad Commissioner campaign, which is currently the most pivotal statewide race in Texas for the Libertarian Party.  In order to maintain ballot access (the Libertarian Party is currently the only party with ballot access in all states), we need to win at least 5% of the vote in at least one state level race in Texas.

With his impeccable qualifications and experience in the oil and gas industry, I expect Mark Miller to not only achieve that 5%, but to surpass it and actually win election to Texas Railroad Commissioner.  With people like Liz Scripter on his team, he has the potential to unseat the cronies of the oil and gas industry who have populated that commission for decades and return it to its true purpose of protecting the rights of Texas property owners.

Welcome to the team, Liz, and thank you so much for lending your formidable intellect and creativity to this effort to restore Liberty to our fellow Texans.