McClennon County and City of Waco Granted YOUR Money

Once again Waco PD’s violation of individual life and Liberty results in burdens upon taxpayers across the state and nation.

How do you like your money being taken by force and used to defend trigger happy authoritarians who killed innocent people simply because those people filled their hand with a pistol in preparation for self defense when gunfire erupted nearby? That is what I believe happened, and Waco authorities refuse to provide the public with any information that would indicate otherwise.

From the Waco Tribune:
City, county get more than $500,000 to cover Twin Peaks shootout costs
Waco Tribune Staff Photo

Liberty for Texans

For far too long the power of the state, both the federal government and the Texas State Government, has been used to whittle away freedom and individual liberties.

The power of the state should be used to preserve, protect, and increase the individual liberty of its citizens.  That is the first lens I will view every bill, proposal, program, and budget item through.  Every decision I make will be tested with the question: Does this option have more potential to increase or decrease personal liberty for Texans?  If the answer is decrease, expect a veto if it’s a bill, an argument if it’s a debate, and a fight to repeal or abolish it if it’s already law or policy.

Elect me, Timothy Frazier, as Governor in 2018 to put Texas on the path to her rightful place as the state with more individual liberty than any other state or nation on the planet.

I’m not asking you to make history by electing me as your first Libertarian Governor.  I’m asking you to make the future one of liberty and freedom for all Texans, and for all those who come to live here from other states and nations.